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Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is a thermoplastic made from the monomer ethylene. It was the first grade of polyethylene, produced in 1933 by Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) using a high pressure process via free radical polymerization. Due to the breakout of World War II, LDPE was deemed to be important for the construction and safety of the cables used in devices using Very High Frequency (VHF) electromagnetic radio waves. The use in military radios, radar sets, as well as other communication devices, meant the production process was a necessary secret. In 1944, two American companies began large commercial scale production of LDPE under license from Imperial Chemical Industries



LDPE Physical Properties    


0.910 - 0.940 g/cm³


(-125˚C (-193˚F

Glass Transition Temperature

(65˚C (149˚F

Max. Continued Use Temperature

(110˚C (230˚F

Melting Point

no break

Notched Impact Strength

0.20 - 0.40 N/mm²

Tensile Strength

100    - 220 x 10ˉ⁶

Thermal Coefficient of Expansion


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Has the ability to be very squeezable-
Has a lower cost than PET or other plastics-
Is naturally translucent-
Is recyclable-
Shatterproof and ideal for slippery bathrooms-
Can handle rapid temperature changes-
good chemical resistance-
low water absorption-
easily processed by most methods-


:Application of LDPE
Agricultural purposes-
Emergency shelter houses during natural-
Various containers-
Various molded laboratory equipment-
Plastic bags-
Trays and general purpose containers-
Lining of canals, reservoirs and ponds-
Corrosion-resistant work surfaces-
Parts that need to be weldable and machinable-
Juice and milk cartons are made of liquid packaging board, a laminate of paperboard and LDPE-
Packaging for computer hardware, such as hard disk drives, screen cards, and optical disc drives-


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Comparing different types of polyethylene 

The biggest difference is that LDPE is not as strong or dense as HDPE and MDPE





Flexible but more rigid than LDPE

Good Very Flexible


Natural color is milky white, semi-translucent depending on density

translucent natural milky color, translucent



Good High

Impact Strength


Excellent Good

Chemical resistance


- Good

Water Vapor barrier


Poor Poor

Gas Barrier

0.941 - 0.965 (gr/cm3)

0.926 - 0.940 (gr/cm3) 0.910 - 0.926 (gr/cm3)



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